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It has been a year since I began practicing Yoga. This is the story of the amazing health and mental benefits I experienced from Yoga; The story of my walk back to health!

Interesting, but I have always been plump, stiff and under-confident about my body. I had low self-esteem, hunched my shoulders and dragged my feet because I was so self-conscious.


A year back I delivered a healthy baby boy. It was a joyful experience but compounded my health and personal issues. 

I had gained 20lbs during the pregnancy, my tummy and breasts sagged and I had Postpartum Depression. I was desperate for a body and mind solution that would work for me.


One day I was walking my baby in a stroller at the Mall. I looked through a glass window of a yoga studio. Something about the calm on the faces of those women appealed to me. On an impulse, I enrolled in the class. After that day there has been no looking back. I fell in love with the healing experience of yoga.


I started practicing yoga every day. It made me feel so much healthier overall. A lot of people avoid yoga because they have limited time and think they won't get a tough enough workout-but I built a ton of core strength. 

Excellence is a habit; We are what we repeatedly do.”Cele

Finally felt confident in my midsection, and developed really strong arms. I felt like I could finally maintain a healthier physique that I felt confident about. I felt flexible and strong too-and when you feel strong, it's almost impossible not to feel good.

Yoga helped me even more on a mental level. I was going through a tough time where I didn't really know if I was happy in life. I was a new mum who had put her career on hold. My marriage was under test because of a new baby. I missed going to work and socializing. 

Yoga was a kind of therapy for me. As I started doing it every day, I noticed so many other areas of my life-changing. 

I had so much more confidence-and not necessarily from a physical standpoint, but more the feeling of knowing who I am as a person. It helped me organize myself internally. 

I became more patient with myself and started to put my life into perspective.


When you own your breath, no one can take away your Peace.”

They say, our first mantra is our breath.

In yoga, I learned to breathe properly from the belly, instead of the diaphragm. This causes better oxygenation of the blood and organs. It also forces out toxins

I think this form of exercise is almost spiritual, it connects you to your higher self. It gives one a feeling of peace and wellbeing.

Yoga promoted a sense of awareness in the body. So, the practitioner can gently start altering habits and ease their way into a healthy lifestyle. 


“When we change the way we see things; the things we see change”-Wayne Dwyer

I didn't know it when I first started, but when you get back to the root of yoga, the physical aspect is just one small part of all of yoga. It's really about connecting your mind, body, and soul. 

When you're focusing on connecting your breath to your movement and trying to be present on your mat, it makes your whole body relax but forces you to hone your focus. I think that's why it's made such a big difference in my life.

Before I realized it I not only looked different but also felt different. I held my newly toned body erect, smiled more, held my shoulders back and was light on my feet.

As a result, people treated me differently! I think when you radiate positivity and confidence people sense it and treat you nicer. 

Other big pluses-My sex life and marriage improved. I had way more energy and was a better and more patient mom.


 So I am summing up all the benefits I experienced for your benefit!

  • Improves your flexibility :

Improved flexibility is one of the first and most obvious benefits of yoga. You'll also probably notice that aches and pains start to disappear. 

Moving and stretching will tone the core muscle areas of your body and help you perform better during the yoga sessions. They will tone your hips, hamstrings, glutes, and back. 

With time flexibility tends to decrease. Therefore to keep yourself healthy and strong all throughout the years, it is important for you to spend time on Yoga. 

  • Builds muscle strength :

Strong muscles do more than looking good. The second benefit derived from practicing yoga is a strength. Since many of the poses require you to support your body using your hands and legs, you are going to develop quite a lot of strength in this process. Some of the best yoga poses that increase your strength are Tree Pose, Cobra Pose, and the Child Pose.

  • Body toning :

They make your muscles long, lean and well-shaped. It is because of this reason why so many celebrities in the world love to practice yoga. Their body is always fit and the right shape because of this great practice.

  • Joint Health :

People who suffer from major diseases such as arthritis should try yoga. Once you practice Yoga, you will see that your entire body has improved.

 Just by doing gentle yoga for thirty to forty minutes every day under the supervision of an instructor is going to help your body muscles to improve in great ways. You will say goodbye to dangerous diseases and live a life that is active, healthy and free.

  • Posture Perfection:

One of the basic benefits of yoga is that with regular practice it perfects your posture and gives you more balance. Sitting is a single position for long hours causes the problems of bad posture and thus results in joint and muscle strains. Click Here to (12) Yoga Poses to Improve Posture. 

  • Protects Spine :

Now the only food for the spine is exercise and its movements and yoga and its benefits thus come along with the same. You should thus choose a regime in which you will have a lot of backbends and front bends and a lot of stretches.

  • Increase Blood Circulation:

The most important of all yoga asanas and their benefits is this one. It says that performing yoga asanas can enhance blood circulation in your body and thus open clogged veins too.

It can make your skin glow and also keep a good balance all over the body. It is also important in controlling glands and the hormonal levels 

  • Blood Pressure Controlled:

High blood pressure may result in a lot of problems and so it should be controlled. Benefits of yoga include the reduction of high blood pressure and thus keep you healthy and free from a lot of diseases. 

  • Regulates Adrenal Glands:

The level of cortisol and its regulation is very important because it is very important to keep boosting your immunity levels. 

  • Blood Sugar Controlled:

Blood sugar or diabetes is like an enemy to your body. This is said to affect the whole body and damage a number of parts too. The first organs to get affected are your eyes, heart, and kidneys. You should first be very careful and take all preventive measures and then also perform special yoga for blood sugar to keep control and be healthy.

  • Keeps You Relaxed, Stress-free and at Peace :

When life today is always a race it is very difficult to stay in one place and manage things. It is also true that most of us hardly get any time for ourselves or to relax. 

In this case, it is true that workouts can relax us by stretching our limbs in the correct possible ways. Yoga among all is the best way.

  • For Good Sleep:

Good sleep is needed for everyone and for that you need to first be free of all worries and tensions. 

Yoga is sure to release tension from your body and limbs and thus you have a sound sleep for a fresher start to the next day.

So you see yoga impacts almost every area of your life. Be brave and try something new, something you have never dared to before. Give yoga a chance, I promise you will thank me.

And don’t forget to fill us up on your progress in the comment section.

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