Jump Rope Skipping Workout for Fat Lose in Your Body

Wanted to lose your weight faster and make yourself strong by doing the simple rope skipping workout? Here is the perfect workout to transform your body into the fat burning machine.

As we all know that losing weight in a short time is not easy and of course you have been working out with many choices to shed pounds on your body. But here is the right solution for you to the fastest way to lose weight and that is skipping.

I am sure you all remember doing skipping during your schooling either in groups or single and there are many types of skipping that includes crossover, forward and back, single leg hopping, etc.

With all these types the skipping gives huge benefits that include burning calories, boosting the heart rate, blood circulation, and many others. It helps to improve the cardiovascular system and helps to intensively burn a lot of calories in a short period.

So you can very well bring those effective workout days of your childhood again and make your workout sessions more interesting and fun.

Benefits of Skipping

If you are a beginner of doing the skipping workout then here is all you need to know about the exercise.

Challenge yourself by doing 1000 skips a day for 30 days to transform your body into a better one than you are looking now.

Of course, skipping for weight loss is the best one as it works on the cardio and has a high-intensity interval training workout. It really helps you to shed weight of around 1300 calories/hour which is quite a lot more than you get out from other workouts using the equipment.

Another great edge in skipping is that you need no space as you need for running and you can do indoors and also in bad weather conditions in your convenient place.

It is a super effective weight loss exercise that improves your energy level tremendously. It also helps you to tone your thighs and calf muscles. It works wonders for your arms and also the whole body. 

How to Do the Skipping

You are not going to lose weight just by doing the simple skipping rope for 1000 times a day, what you need is to do on average six to eight minutes of skipping in a decent intensity and not breaking.

They call it a lesson in consistency if you want to see some benefits to the challenge you are undergoing. This helps to build the elements of the body and also moving.

If you are a beginner, then start doing the skipping with initial counts which you can start with. And then gradually increase the counts to reach 1000 skips a day.

You can make your challenge for a 30 days jump rope for efficient weight loss.

How to Stay Consistent with Exercise

Besides on the note of losing the belly fat, the most important is how to stay consistent with the skips you want to do. So taking the rope all day for a few minutes in your leisure time can help you become consistent and make the exercise a habit.

By the time you complete the challenge of 1000 skips/day for 30 days, you will feel as a rope jumper and a few pounds lighter. And there is no such thing called strenuous workout in rope jumping, thus you can do it every day. And all you need for this challenge is the rope and your time.

Training for the Beginner

If you are a beginner, then you need to do variation in 30 days, then can lead yourself to the advance to intermediate levels. Start with a few skips a day gradually and take rests in the middle.

Here are some of the points for the beginners:

  •       Use a speed jump rope
  •       Keep your body straight and chest out while jumping
  •       Always land yourself on the foot ball
  •       Try not to swing your arms, and use only the wrist to swing the rope
  •       Make sure your are off the floor a little while you are jumping
  •       Make right adjustments of the rope

Note: The simple tip is the faster you jump the more calories you will burn.

Jump Rope Challenge in Different Way


Mostly the challenges lack progression and only the gradual increase will give you a challenging result.

Different variation:

Performing the challenge in different types might take your challenge interesting and so you can change them for every 7 days

Customize your skips:

Ropes are usually not designed based on the level of a person's fitness and as it is designed in common from beginner to advanced, choose the one that is comfortable to you.

Beginner Level Exercise:

If you haven’t jumped rope before here is where you can start your workout session:

  •       Basic jump with two feet for a week
  •       Alternating jumps for 2nd week
  •       Alternating knee jump high for 3rd week
  •       One leg hop for 4th week


  1.     Skipping might give you tremendous change in your physique if you do it well or sometimes it might not show you much difference.

In the below video, the person starts his 1000 skips a day workout and shares his experience of doing the exercise. He initially took time to finish the 1000 skips, and increased the skips with less time.

On his 28th day he did 1000 skips in 7 minutes and found himself lost weight in 30 days.


  1.     The person with a fat belly started with the challenge of doing the skips for 30 days. He did with time lapse and would like to shed the weight.

As he kept skipping for days he found to lose weight gradually with the starting weight of 238 lbs/108 kg with the body fat of 31%, then he reduced to around 214 lbs/97 kg with the body fat of 26.9%.



Wanted to reduce your weight gradually without much effort and from your home? Then engage and motivate yourself in doing the skipping exercise challenging you of doing 1000 skips for 30 days. This will surely give you a tremendous transformation in your body.

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