Know How to Reduce Your Weight With Three High Intensity Interval Training Workouts!

High intensity interval training workouts : 3 HIIT workouts for every man

While many feel that physical fitness is to remain healthy, according to the research 30% of the people across the globe dont get enough health. 


Many of us feel that we don't find time to get enough exercise to keep our body fit and also some might feel that normal workout from home increases the physical strength, you all might need to start with High Intensity Interval Training workouts (HIIT). 

The term is broad but it involves short periods of intensive workouts alternated with recovery periods. You get maximum benefits in minimum time and this is the biggest challenge in the workout. 

What exactly is HIIT about?

HIIT is the short burst of intensive workouts alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. For those who find less time to keep them fit, it is probably the most efficient way to follow. 

The duration of the workout ranges from 10 - 30 minutes and irrespective of the duration of workout, it can still produce health benefits more than that of the moderate intensity exercise.

The activities vary but most of the workouts include sprinting, biking, jump rope or other body weight exercises. 

And the workout varies from one person to person and regardless of implementation, a high intensity interval involves the short periods of vigorous workout that keeps your heart rate high. 

And when doing the workout, your body will be pushed to the max in every set and that's the reason the exercise is short, sharp, and intense sessions. 

A typical HIIT workout would be the following workout: 

  1. High knees - 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest 
  2. Jump squats - 30 seconds with 3 sec rest
  3. Mountain climbers - 40 sec with 20 sec rest
  4. Push ups - 30 sec with 30 sec rest
  5. High knees - 30 secs with 30 secs rest
  6. Burpees - 20 secs with 40 secs rest 

Perform the above workouts with 3 sets each and the entire workout takes 18 minutes to complete. 

Benefits of the HIIT workout

Working the HIIT exercise can produce many physical and mental benefits! Here we discuss few of them:

#1: Burn calories in very short time 

You can burn calories quickly using HIIT. according to the research 25-30 % more calories are burned in HIIT when compared to that of the other exercises. 

With the resting period, the HIIT consists of only 20 seconds of maximal effort and 40 seconds of resting period which means that the person exercises only ⅓ of the time that they spend during running and biking. 

#2. Increases the metabolic rate after the workout and also boosts up the immune system

HIIT assists you to burn calories only after doing the workouts and many studies proves that it increases the metabolic rate for hours after exercise.


The intensive workout elevates your metabolism for hours and also boosts up the immune system and reduces the inflammation of the body. 

#3. Help to lose fat 

The short intensive workouts are better for weight and fat loss from the body. 

Interestingly, the HIIT intensity workout exercise can reduce body fat and circumference of the waist. 


It also reduces unhealthy visceral fat from the body.

#4. HIIT workout increases the oxygen consumption and improves brain power

Consumption of oxygen refers to the ability of muscles to use oxygen, and vigorous training is typically helpful in improving the oxygen consumption. 

If you work as half long when compared to that of the traditional endurance training, HIIT improves the oxygen consumption and can boost the brain power for a short time afterwards. 

According to the study, the participants had a 15% increase in a cognitive performance after doing high intensive exercise. 

#5. Reduce stress

Exercises have direct contact with the improvement of the endorphins and in turn these help you to feel better. 

These together help to reduce the levels of stress, anxiety and depression. 

#6. Reduces the rate of heart and regulates blood pressure

Wider results indicates that HIIT can reduce heart rate and blood pressure in the overweight and obese individuals. 

HIIT workout of three times per week of 20 minutes per day reduces the blood pressure and provides health benefits, while the same can be obtained over many weeks in traditional workout sessions. 

#7. Reduces the blood sugar levels

If the HIIT workout sessions are done for 12 weeks, it can reduce the blood sugar levels. 

Studies reported that the workout not only reduces the sugar levels, but also improves the insulin  resistance more than that of the traditional continuous workouts. 

The improvements can be observed in both healthy and also in diabetic patients. 

How many times should we do the workout and how to start doing HIIT?

There are many ways to start adding the intensity intervals to your regular routine workout sessions. So it is not much difficult to start the HIIT workout right from your house. 

3 best intensity interval training workouts

  1. Routine #1

Time required: 15 minutes 

How does it works: 5 different exercises for 3 sets each 35 secs with 25 mins of rest between each set

Benefit: this 15 minutes workout helps to burn fat and is the great routine when attempted for the first time.

  1. Routine #2

Time required: 15 minutes

How does it work? Here you will do every exercise for 3 times and each with 20 secs with 10  secs rest in between.

Benefit: this is supposed to be a very intensive workout and it is a fitness blender workout. 

  1. Routine #3

Time required: 15 minutes

How does it work? With the complete sets of 15 different workouts each with 40 secs on with 20 secs rest

Benefits: this is more intensive than #1 as the rest periods are shorter. 


Are you planning to reduce weight and burn calories in a short time? Then doing HIIT is the best option for you!

Although these workouts tend to be tough, they produce great results in a shorter time and test your physical and mental stamina. 

Change your current way of routine workout and get a full body workout done with better results in quicker time!

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