8 Luscious Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Perfect Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight without putting in a lot of effort? Then here is the way to reduce your weight with the pack of essential nutrients in healthy smoothies that keep you nourished all day. The best way to slim down without missing out the right nutrients is the best way to focus on your diet. And so the great addition to this though is homemade healthy smoothie.

With these blends of fresh fruits and vegetables in the healthy smoothie helps you to lose weight perfectly with a nutrient rich way that keeps you satiated all day long.

Here in this article we discuss more about the healthy smoothie ideas that are a great replacement option for meals. If you are looking for some extra protein that can keep you occupied, then here are the best healthy smoothies for your weight loss program.

1. Delicious Blend of Apple Oats Smoothie for Weight Loss

Here is the sumptuous smoothie that contains Apple, oats, and extra cinnamon powder that help to keep you full and satisfied until lunch. Using milk to blend the mixture is the great way to add flavour and health benefits to your breakfast shakes.

2. Delightful blend of Banana and Oats Healthy Smoothie

Healthy Smoothies are the best way to grab the nutrients on the go and of course they aren’t something which we can eat but can drink. And based on the ingredients, smoothies can be loaded with sugar and fat.

As all smoothies cannot be made equally, here is the lovely blend of the banana and Oats smoothie that can keep you healthy always.  Adding the little cinnamon powder can enhance the flavour of the smoothie and of course with no sugar it is the perfect recipe for the easy weight loss.



3. Quench Your Summer Thirst with Banana – Almond Smoothie

Smoothies are a creamy wonder that everyone loves, but we don’t take it most of the time in our daily lives due to the fear that they might make us gain weight. But it is not the case always; it always depends on the ingredients.

Yes smoothies can be extremely healthy depending on the preparation and this time we can give chance to banana and almonds. Here is the healthy smoothie mixture of banana almond prunes with chia seeds that is the perfect recipe for weight loss. As bananas are rich in vitamin C it protects the body against tissue damage and produces collagen. While bananas are best, almonds are another great healthy food choice you can add for your diet.


 4. Healthy High-Protein Smoothie for Fat Loss

High protein smoothies are the easy way to make that are healthy and can be made flavourful. As healthy smoothies are the best way to blend with great nutrients, they provide everything we need such as proteins, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables and of course everything in one convenient blend.

With no cooking skills required you can make this high protein rich healthy smoothie that assists in easy fat loss. Here is the smoothie with cashew and flax seeds for your healthy weight loss.


5. Mango Kale Healthy Smoothie for Weight Loss

If you need more greens in your life, a smoothie is the best recipe you can choose to enjoy them. You need nothing to do, your blender does everything and you just end up having the delicious fruity treat.


The king of the fruits – Mango adds flavour to this healthy smoothie and the kale that makes you full and satisfied for longer time. So mango kale smoothie is a healthy, summer essential drink to sip with your loved ones at home.

It is gluten free and is the most healthy smoothie recipe to mix up every day for weight loss. Do note the recipe from the below link and make it on your high-speed days as well.

6. Pineapple and Kale – A Two ingredient Smoothie for Weight Loss

If you are a big fan of smoothies, then here is one such for you. Everything about the pineapple and kale smoothie recipe is the sweet flavour and delicious taste. The pineapple and banana are sweet enough to mask the bitterness of the kale, and the texture of this healthy smoothie is simply amazing.


7. Leafy Crush Blueberry Smoothie for Weight Loss

Green smoothie is something that makes you cringe and of course everything green will give you that feeling. And probably this is the reason we avoid drinking and so coming back, here is the healthy smoothie that tastes better than they seem to be! They also help you to burn extra calories!


8. Delicious Healthy Fat Burning Avocado Smoothie

For avocado lovers, here is the healthy smoothie that triggers your weight loss program. This healthy smoothie is so creamy and satisfying that it keeps you energetic throughout the day filling your stomach. This is a simple smoothie recipe that tastes so refreshing and is definitely a good meal replacement.



Wanted to go healthy with the luscious smoothies? Numerous homemade healthy smoothies’ recipes that are not only with the healthy ingredients, they can even help you to shed some pounds if you would like to do so. Above recipes are best and help digestion with fat burn options.

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