19 Full Body Home Workout to Make Your Body Fat Burning Machine

Do you want to lose your weight and get in shape without leaving your home?and are you a Beginner Women at home who wants to strengthen your muscles? 


Well, fitness keeps your body fit and energetic throughout the day. So keeping me fit by starting the workout at home was my next goal in my life. But I was house-bound with the kids and due to other reasons, I couldn't move out of the house to find me some time for gyming.

I am overweight and need to reduce my weight of another 25 pounds to avoid any further medical issues. Being so obese I hardly find ways to come out of the problem and was looking for some program that can help me to shed some pounds drastically while I can be at home.

So I just spent some 10 minutes each day so I can concentrate on every part of the body where there is accumulation of fat. I have started with some of the workout videos on the internet that will help me out to reduce some weight on me and there were overwhelming videos on it.

I was so confused about which one to follow for each workout and after so much of exercises I have rounded up some of the best beginner workouts at home for women that give the best results.

Here are a few best workout ideas for women at home that can be quick, simple, and just takes only 10 – 15 min which help all the beginner workout women right from your house that can keep you energetic all day.


1.     The Five-Minute Full Body Stretch 

Step 1: Pull your ears and bend your head towards the shoulder

Step 3: Pull your shoulders towards the opposite side

Step 4: Keep your fingertips at the back of the head and pull yourself towards the back

Step 5: Turn towards your left to stretch your lower back

Step 6: Turn towards your right to stretch your lower back

Step 7: Pull your boots half the leg left and bend down

Step 8: Bend your leg back and stretch towards the front

Step 9: Widen your legs and bend yourself down keeping your hands on the knees

Step 10: Keep your hands down on the floor and bend yourself down

Step 11: Finally move your hands up and down to stretch the whole body.  


These are simple stretches that help to make muscles from inactivity to activity while helping all the body parts to move around without any delay. 

Each step you need to take a deep breath and should hold for 20 seconds. It is also the best beginner exercise for women to start at home.


2.     Front Raise To Lateral Raise

Step 1: Raise your hands with dumbbells to the front

Step 2: Raise your hands holding dumbbells to the lateral


For those who wanted to stretch their shoulders and build them strong, and then it is the right exercise that takes less than 5 minutes with dumbbells. Do the exercise 20 times alternatively.



3.Bent-Over Row 


Step 1: With the dumbbell in each hand, bend over 45degrees. Keep your back straight and lift your weight straight up and down.

Step 2: Lower the weights in a controlled manner while inhaling


Note: Remain to bend over until all the repetitions are complete. Do not squat down or up after the initial pose. 


The best workout exercise helps to strengthen your upper back which is important when you wanted to pick up things. Know how to properly position your back to protect you from the strain.


    4.     Dumbbell Upright Row 

    Step 1: Hold your dumbbell in each hand with the palms facing down and lift it till the thighs

    Step 2: Bend your shoulders slightly back

    Step 3: Lift your hands with dumbbells while exhaling

    Step 4: Hold your dumbbells until your chest level and hold for a few seconds

    Step 5: Slowly lower the dumbbells as you inhale and come back to the starting position


    Note: Keep your torsion stead throughout the exercise

    The exercise will help you to strengthen the upper back and shoulders. This upright row exercise targets the traps that span the upper to mid-back. The best workout for women at home helps to wrap around your shoulder to keep it strong and fit.


    5.     Step Out Step Squat 


    Step 1: Stand with your feet

    Step 2: With your right foot, take a wide step out to the right

    Step 3: As you straighten your legs step your right foot back in

    Step 4: Repeat the same on the left side

    Step 5: With you right foot, take a wide step out to the right and squat down

    Step 6: As you straighten your legs step your right foot back in

    Step 7: Repeat the same on the left side


    Continue the repeat for nearly 20 times each for effective results.

    The move increases the general strength in the legs and thighs and also improves the overall lower body strength. This helps to run and prepare your muscles for any climbs.


    6.     Side Leg Lift 


    Step 1: Tie the band around your cough muscles and lie on the sideway

    Step 2: Bend your sidearm over your head and lift your side leg up

    Step 3: Bend your elbow in and out

    Repeat the exercise for 20 -30 seconds.

    Side leg raises target your muscle primarily and that leaves several benefits of course. It's better range of motion in the hips stabilizes the body and improves muscle endurance.

    If you are a person who sits for prolonged periods each day, your muscles aren't usually active. To keep you active throughout the day keep doing just 10 minutes of this beginner's workout exercise daily.


    7.     Plank 


    Step 1: Position your elbows directly beneath your shoulders

    Step 2: Keep a straight body line from head to heels

    Step 3: Squeeze your butt and the front of your thighs

    Step 4: Brace your abs

    Step 5: Position on your knees, stay straight and hold with your abs


    Continue doing the exercise for 30seconds for effective results.


    This beginner’s workout exercise fires up the core that includes the back, hips, shoulders, and chest.


    8.     Bird Dog 


    Step 1: Kneel with knees hip, hands firm on the ground

    Step 2: Lift one hand and the opposite knee off the floor balancing with the other hand and knee

    Step 3: Hold for a few seconds and return to the normal position

    Step 4: Repeat the same for the other side

    Note: keep sure you engage the abs throughout the entire exercise.

    This beginner's workout for women helps you to build the low back function as it engages both the core and back muscles simultaneously. 

    It helps in reducing the lower back pain and is the safest exercise for even injured persons.


    9.     Bear Crawl 


    Step 1: Keep your hands beneath your shoulder

    Step 2: Raise your hip above the shoulders

    Step 3: Knees off the ground

    Step 4: Start to move forward or craw by moving the right and left hand forward in a crawling motion

    Step 5: Move as quickly as possible


    The beginner's exercise helps to engage muscles throughout the body including shoulders, chest and back, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and core. If you want to bring strength and endurance to the muscles, do these exercises regularly to get great results.


    10. Toe Touch 

    Step 1: Sit upright with the toes facing the ceiling

    Step 2: Sit down and rock back pulling your legs in the air

    Step 3: Raise your arms creasing your elbows slightly

    Step 4: Lower and pull your legs in the air making your arms touch your toes as close as possible

    The exercise helps you to strengthen your abs, hamstrings, and back. So enjoy working out the exercise regularly for great body fitness. This the best beginner workouts for women from home to keep their back strengthened.


    11. Mountain Climber Plank 


    Step 1: Place your hands on the floor

    Step 2: Lift the knees of the ground

    Step 3: Bring your one knee is up to the centerline of your stomach and move back

    Step 4: Repeat the same with the other leg

    Step 5: Do the repeats faster keeping your back straight


    This is the best beginner workout for women at home if you wanted to concentrate on enduring cardio and get the core strength and agility. This is a total body workout in just a single exercise.


    12.Supported Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

    Step 1: Use a wall to balance when going on one leg

    Step 2: Stand about 4-5 feet in front of a wall

    Step 3: Stand on one leg and soften your knee

    Step 4: Keep the same posture and raise your opposite leg behind you

    Step 5: Reach for the wall in front of you and extend your leg behind you

    Step 6: During this process, gently push your hips backward


    Note: Make sure your back is flat and hip is 90 degrees. Also, make sure your hips and torso are flat and parallel to the floor.


    This is the perfect beginner workout for women living at home to strengthen your back and hip.


    13. Squat To Press And Twist 

    The squat to press and twist can be done in either way – with dumbbells and without dumbbells.

    Step 1: Stand straight with your hands down

    Step 2: Squat down and as you start to stand to take your right hand reach up and twist your hip

    Step 3: Repeat the same with the left hand


    You have the option of doing the same exercise using the dumbbells in hand with the initial weight and later can increase the weight of the dumbbells as you keep doing the exercises regularly for better results.


    Squat, twist, and reach suits for beginner workout women from home who are caring more about the functionality of their body. This exercise helps women who use their core vastly for rotational moves around the house. 


    14. Sumo Squat 


    Step 1: Keep your feet wider than your shoulder width

    Step 2: Keep your toes externally rotated

    Step 3: Tense your abs, booty, and thighs

    Step 4: Lower your body sticking booty out

    Step 5: Do squats while you extend the legs

    Perform this exercise 10 minutes daily for strengthening your body. This is the best beginner workout for women at home and requires no equipment. The exercise helps to strengthen quadriceps, gluteus muscles, hips, hamstrings, calves, and inner thighs. 


    15. Triceps Dip 


    Here we're gonna look at the steps of how to do the triceps dip. It strengthens the major muscle group which is the triceps. This beginner workout at home doesn't need to be done with equipment, you can do it on a chair, bench or even on the floor. Here are the instructions on how to do it:

    Step 1: Grip yourself towards the front edges of the chair or bench

    Step 2: Keep your butt off and to the front of the seat, with flat feet, and legs bent so that thighs are parallel to the floor

    Step 3: Straighten your arms

    Step 4: Lower your body towards the floor until your arms are 90 degrees

    Step 5: Engage your triceps to press back to start

    The beginner workout helps to primarily target your triceps, shoulder, and chest area. Working on them will boost your ability to lift weights, or kids, and other things working at home.


    16. Sprawl 


    Step 1: Keep your hand's shoulder-width apart

    Step 2: Shoot your legs back to the land in a push-up position

    Step 3: Perform the push-up and back to the position in a controlled repetitions


    This is the right workout exercise for beginner women at home that targets your chest, shoulders, triceps, core, serratus anterior, gluteus maximus, and erector spinae. In short, it is a strengthening exercise for almost the entire body.

    17. Banded Glute Bridge  

    Step 1: Lie face up on the floor with knees bent and flat feet on the ground

    Step 2: Keep your arms at your side with your palms down

    Step 3: Lift your hips off the ground until the knees, hips, and shoulders form a straight line

    Step 4: Squeeze those glutes hard and keep your abs drawn in

    Step 5: Hold the bridged position for a few seconds and back to the normal position

    The exercise is the beginner workout for women who wanted to concentrate on the glutes and hamstrings. It is also a great exercise for hip mobility and strengthening your lower back. 


    18. Lunge with Twist 

    Start with without dumbbell then you can add a lightweight dumbbell


    Step 1: Stand with feet about shoulder-width apart

    Step 2: With your right foot, step forward into a basic lunge position

    Step 3: From your midsection, twist your body to the right

    Step 4: Reach across your right side with your arms outstretched

    Step 5: Bring your arms back to the center

    Step 6: Step your right foot back and return to your starting position

    The exercise can be done with the initial lower weight using the dumbbell and later can add more weight according to the gluten strengths. This type of exercise can stabilize the glutens of workout for women at home and isolates quads and hamstrings during the lunge.


    19. 2 Minute Easy Ab Workout 

    Step 1: Lie flat on the ground with your knees bent

    Step 2: Keep your arms straight on to both the knees

    Step 3: Lift your head front and back on the lying position

    Step 4: Do the exercise for 20 seconds

    Step 5: Lie flat and keep your hands flat to the ground

    Step 6: Lift your legs alternatively to the air

    Step 7: Bend both the knees towards your right and lift your head and down

    Step 8: Repeat the same towards the left


    This is the perfect two minutes easy ab beginners’ workout for women at home and strengthens your body.



    Wanted to reduce your weight without moving out of the house or without getting the gym equipment at home? The above beginner workout will help the women at home by strengthening almost all the body parts in just 10 minutes on regular exercise.

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