100 Pushups A Day Challenge Before And After Results In 30 Days

Have you asked yourself what would happen if you do 100 pushups every day? Would you build muscle and gain strength?

Pushups are simple and most basic exercises for a very simple reason as they target all the major muscles of the upper body and boost the core strength.


The interesting thing about the push ups is that they don’t need any equipment and can be done anywhere and anytime you wish to.


As they are quantifiable, you can easily measure the progress and can gain strength in a short time with less and affordable effort.


I'm pretty excited and wanted to make myself clear by doing a 100 pushups a day, gradually increasing the count. And of course I started doing that initially with 10 counts and gradually rose to 25.


The moment I reached 100 pushups, I really felt very good and strong. And this motivated me to do the push ups regularly. So if you feel you wanted to do the pushups then join the challenge.


However if you can gradually increase, you would get stronger. But then if you can make 100 pushups in a couple of sets, then it will be of no use as you need to give our body a little more stress to grow bigger and stronger.


Proper Pushup Form

Take a look at the video link below of how to exactly do the pushups to make sure you are doing them correctly.



When you take up the challenge and want to find the better results, you need to know the threshold counts as per your body to do the pushups every day.


Well, doing the push ups might be easy for one and might be difficult to the other. If you do the pushups very fast, then it won’t help you to get significant gains. So keep the goal to be efficient enough to develop your muscles and strengthen you.



  1.  In the video below, there are two persons, each doing 100 pushups a day. At some point they can do these pushups easily in a day. But after prolonged workout for many days they lead nothing and all they need to do is to either increase the rep speed or increase the pushups to meet the challenge for their muscles.


  1. In the second video, the person takes 3 complete seconds to finish one rep of the pushup. He also made his workout little stressed by doing archer push ups (left arm) and right arm. If you want to do the actual push ups then start doing them in a slow pace 7 seconds a rep.

 He then worked with the side to side explosive push ups and taking rest for 30 secs in between these workout sessions.He then did line pushups and followed by explosive + slow negative push ups.

Then he continued with slow 35 seconds pushups for 100 counts and finally resting for 30 seconds.

This  fetched him to complete the exercise and find a lot of  difference in the body without getting depressed by the pushups challenge.

If you are a beginner try workout out with minimum counts of the workout. 

  1. The person has no endurance of doing the push ups at the beginning and still started doing them with the belief he might expect some changes in the body.

As he keeps doing the push up counts day by day, he started getting stronger eventually throughout the workout.

He being the beginner started doing 100 push ups for 30 days as the challenge. First few weeks he was working hard and after doing it for 15 days, you can see the chest separation as it shows flexibility.

For the 20 days he did around 2000 pushups and still waiting for 10 more days to finish them to find the better result in his physics.

He was eating healthy all the month and just showed how well he built and transformed his body into fitness.

As the pushups have been working fine with him in transforming his body, he is motivated enough to continue the process with adding more pushups probably some 20-30 a day along with those 100 pushups to find the real change in his abs.



  1. In the below video, Jonathan wanted to start 100 pushups a day and see how his body builds the strength and muscles. There are two ways to build strength:
  2. Neutral adaption – here body becomes efficient with the movement and recruits muscle fibers
  3. Hypertrophy – here the goal is to increase the size of the muscles and to enhance its strength

It is like the first few weeks from 2-8 weeks the neutral adaption and after the weeks start with hypertrophy.

There are two more things – initially he applied stress in the form of workout and then finally relaxing which gives the recovery of the muscles

. So these are the important things that occur to make your muscles.

He explained the ways of how to do 100 push ups correctly for a day and how many times a week you should train? It is enough you train 1-3x per week to target each muscle.

And once the body listens and adapted to the workout, the next thing to concentrate on is how you should be adding into your workout.

So doing the correct version of the 100 pushups he gained strength and became stronger than he was before.


So wanted to become stronger and make your muscles grow healthy?

Then motivate yourself for doing the 100 pushups challenge a day for 30 days and look at the transformation in you with the live updates of the videos above.

If you are a beginner, start with 20 pushups a day and gradually increase the count as the days go.

This way you don’t get depressed and can make up your challenge gradually to attain your target.

You can do this workout anywhere any time without the need of any equipment.

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