Every one of us probably knows more or less about the basics of how to start living a healthy lifestyle. Many of us think that we are doing a fair job of maintaining a healthy life by our eating habits or by doing physical activity, but is that enough to lead a healthy living?
Statistically, very few adults around 30% and teens around 40% actually meet the criteria of a healthy living. But the rest of them fail to lead healthy living as the steps they tend to follow are not easy or part of their living style. While some of the first steps include eating greens, super foods and reducing the sugar and alcohol, the second follows exercises, meditation, lowering the stress levels, etc. which serve as the vital ingredients to the recipe of wellness.
Though these are easy to write down, how many of us are actually continuing doing this on a regular basis? So, in this article we have narrowed down 10 few steps to approach a healthy living lifestyle that helps you to feel achievable each day.


1. Walking and Moving More 

Moving doesn’t help you to reduce pains or acne from still joints, it also helps you to relieve stress and keep you healthy.

As we all know it isn't easy to change our habit of driving to nearby places to buy small things instead of walking. For instance, let's say, or reaching the donut instead of an apple.

Keeping you physically active is more like you are doing exercise. So it is necessary to keep yourself on the physical move rather than working out in the morning with hours sitting at a desk, on the couch, or in your car.

The physical movement of your body keeps you healthy right from improving your blood circulation to your level of stress and sense of living. Moving doesn't mean you need to go to the gym every single day, it means avoiding prolonged sitting periods ideally.

 2. Eat Unprocessed Foods, Whole Foods Instead of Processed

There is a lot of difference between well-fed and well-nourished. We always end up celebrating ourselves with pizza, cheeseburgers, and other junks that are stored as pounds at your back. Most diet strategies are a short-term success and while restricted diet plans don't last long in real life. But here are small changes anyone can make to their daily life to keep you better and live longer.

Ø Start eating with seasonal fruit and vegetables while their flavors and nutritional contents are at their peaks.

Ø 10 servings of healthy cereals, nuts, and other nutritional things per day to help meet the demands of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber content in your body.

Ø Start including omega-3 rich foods in your diet – fish, seaweed, chia seeds, etc.

Ø Eat high-quality protein – egg whites, nuts, lentils, etc

Ø Have pre and probiotic-rich foods daily to nourish and replenish your gut microflora – yogurt, tea, garlic, onions, peas, and whole grains.

Ø Support your bones by having vitamin D3 and K2 formulated foods

Ø Usage of processed foods should be limited

Overall, ditch the fried and processed foods and nourish yourself with balanced and healthy food.

 3. Have enough sleep

Keep your sleep more priority to gain better health. Most of the people across the globe have trouble with insomnia. When you don’t get 7-9 hours of sleep, it can significantly impact your physical and mental health. If you have trouble with shut-eye, try with some of the tips like using essential oils, consuming sleep-promoting foods, or practicing sleeping techniques to keep you healthy.

4. Exercise Daily/Focus on Fitness

It is very necessary to concentrate on fitness as they might lead to a healthy lifestyle change. Being active in general like taking the staircase, walking to near places, cleaning at home also adds a little to the list of exercises, but it also involves doing cardio, and strengthening your muscles is another important aspect to deal with leading a better life. Focusing on fitness and your body leads to a healthy lifestyle.

5. Handle stress

Stress can have a lot of negative impacts on your health when it is excessive or ongoing. Everyone has some stress in life and dealing with that is the countable job. Take steps to minimize stress like doing yoga, meditation, unplugging electronic items while sleeping, communicating with family and friends, etc. These might help to reduce stress.

6. Drink More Water

Drinking water doesn’t mean that you need to quench thirst, it also helps your body with other functions such as digestion and circulation. While water consumption varies between everyone, on average you should have 8 ounce glasses per day.  

Ensure yourself to drink more water and keep you hydrated that eventually leads to more energy levels in your body, nourishes your skin, and helps in weight loss management by excluding fluids from the body.

 7. No to alcohol, sugar drinks 

While moderate drinking is safe, in general, many alcohols are related to health risks when consumed for a prolonged period. Alcohols are high in calories and dehydrating. So it is advisable to keep your intake of alcohol content low by simple steps. Replace them with non-alcoholic drinks, or set a drinking limit for yourself.

Keep your sugar intake levels down as little as possible and also limit your soft drinks as they contain high amounts of sugar content. This might affect the metabolic rate and thus the healthy lifestyle.


8. Add probiotic foods to your diet

It is confusing to determine which supplements are necessary and not for your gut, but science has evolved with the vast health benefits of improving the gut microflora and also for the better and strong immune system. One way to start your healthy living is to start working on the microbiome and this can be done by having a high-quality probiotic diet daily.


9. Spend Time with Your Loved Ones

Spending time with your loved one also leads to the better lifestyle changes as it involves stress relieving points. Involve yourself in playing with your kids and spend time with your family, or loved ones around keep you happy and joy.


10.  Stop Bad Habits

Stop eating bad things and junk items while you want to really concentrate on leading a healthy lifestyle. Breaking your bad habit and replacing it with the good one might by choosing the substitute to the bad habit. Cut out the triggers as possible – like if you smoke when you drink, try avoiding going to the bar. Don’t eat cookies while watching tv or doing some things. If you switch on the tv as the first thing you take to your couch, then hide your remote so you move around a little in search for it.

Further, to lead a new and healthy lifestyle we are not going to follow steps that are highly difficult and cannot be followed on a daily basis.



Barriers to follow healthy lifestyle

While leading a great healthy lifestyle is highly challenging as it is difficult to stick on to methods or rules to follow while balancing the family and work.

  •       Sticking to regular exercises isn’t always easy as many of us might not find time to do them on daily basis, or
  •       sometimes doing the routine exercises might put you to boredom,
  •       or you might be too tired to exercise after hours of work in your office
  •       failing to skip the healthy meal and start consuming the processed foods
  •       family not supporting the steps you wish to follow

To all the above challenges, here we are to provide the steps to overcome them on the daily aspects like:

  •     squeezing into short walks when you don’t feel like doing treadmills
  •     drive less and walk more whenever possible
  •   revamping your rituals by spending time with your loved ones to reborn things in you
  •     planning for a trekking during the weekends
  • choosing activities you wish to enjoy instead of monotonous way of doing exercises
  •     consider the importance of reinforcement
  •   propose a new adventure with the family when they are not supporting you doing things to your healthy lifestyle

All you need to do is to start searching the old you and the above points are great and can be followed by all the age groups right from the old age to the younger age groups, teenagers, etc.

Getting good health is incredibly complex and following small tips and habits can achieve long term health and vitality.

When you want to keep you fit and healthy, your choice of lifestyle becomes much more dominant than your genes. To improve your well-being it is always good to adopt new habits. Before you start, it is necessary to determine what your goals are. Trying to shed pounds from your body, wish to take part in sport, planning to spend time with kids, sleep better for hours, or live longer healthy? Whatever, once you have decided, you can start following a strict program accordingly. 

However, gradually working towards the change improves the odds of success. No matter what, here are seven healthy lifestyle changes, though seemingly small, could have a significant impact on health.


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