26 Yummy Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Keep You Healthy

Want to have one of the best feelings ever? The best healthy breakfast Ideas that can be prepared in no time will give you the greatest feeling to start your day.

And it’s just another busy day, I have been wondering what I should make for my breakfast and felt annoyed by eating the same boring poached eggs, toast, some low carb foods, and fruits.

I took myself a try to trigger myself in making a real healthy breakfast to ensure enough energy that can thrive me throughout the day. I have tried some of the best healthy breakfast recipes that can be made in less than 10 min. 

I am enthusiastic to share them to make you achieve the goal of replenishing your health and weight loss plateau.

It is difficult to make a nutritional breakfast in the rush of getting ready for the office, or hitching kids to school and is impossible to get a whole healthy diet.

To help you start your morning right, we have rounded up with the best quick, simple, and healthy breakfast ideas that will keep you energized all day. Whether you are an egg, fruit, or berry lover, you can check out our best breakfast ideas that can put all together in just five minutes. 

Here are some of the recipes for the healthy breakfast and take a look at each day. 

Yummy Oatmeal for Your Healthy Breakfast

Have you ever tasted a breakfast which is so healthy like this? Within no time you can prepare this delicious oat mixed coconut meal for your breakfast. The meal is rich in fiber and keeps you energetic all day.

You can have the oatmeal that is mixed with sunflower seeds and fruit to keep you full throughout your day and with pumpkin seeds, the dish tastes extremely yummy. So don't ever think of what to make for a healthy breakfast. All you need are some nuts and a fibrous meal.

Best vegan chickpea omelet for your healthy breakfast

This chickpea omelet is the best invention for the healthy breakfast that can be sliced and taken along with some rich tomatoes. The chickpea has a great nutrient value with gluten-free and soya-free and thus tastes surprisingly yummy. 

If you haven't cooked anything with chickpea yet, then you have to try this recipe. It looks like magic in no time and makes a healthy breakfast on your table immediately.

Sliced Avocados with Poached Eggs for your Diet

If you wanted to keep yourself full until lunch, then here is the best healthy breakfast for you. The brunch combined with sliced avocados with poached eggs will make a great meal.

The nutrient content of the avocado will make a rich combo with the egg that is the better alternative for your general subtle breakfast. Don't miss this on your table of breakfast, it tastes awesome.



Rich Raspberry oatmeal for healthy breakfast

I was in a rush to the office and wondering what to have for my breakfast. Here is the best thing I have made for myself with the rich raspberries along with fibrous oatmeal as my breakfast.

You can make a delicious porridge that tastes yummy to start your morning with these raspberries and oats. Having a cup of it will make your day.


Quick breakfast with Avocado toast with a poached egg

Are you stuck on a breakfast table, here is something for you that you love and wish to eat day after day? This goes right with the conventional wisdom of eating a variety of foods every day. This is the perfect breakfast with the combination of avocado and egg on a toast.

Help yourself to save your time and ensure yourself to get a good balance of nutrients with the pretentious avocados with poached eggs on the toast. The breakfast is low glycemic, soy, and gluten-free especially sugar-free that makes the best healthy breakfast



Delicious strawberries and bananas with chocolate hazelnut spread

I wanted to start my breakfast today with the freshly looking strawberries and bananas, and they are so good right now. The instant breakfast filled with high fiber, protein, and rich healthy fat is here for you.

The rich and healthy breakfast idea doesn't take too much of your time as it doesn't need to be cooked. The mix of healthy strawberry, banana, and a touch of chia, cinnamon, and nutmeg makes it a great meal to start your day.


Peach Granola Yogurt Cereal Meal for Your Breakfast

It seems like a bowl kind of Monday to be honest guys. Starting of the month I seriously wanted to have a healthy breakfast that I can mark as a permanent idea that can be added to the list of breakfast recipes. Here is one such. 

Summers are already around the corner and stick yourself with this classic Greek breakfast. The recipe looks delicious with chopped peach + yogurt and a coconut flavor drop with the best combination of cereal preferred to be muesli to make a lovely breakfast idea in the morning.


Pumpkin pie oatmeal with chia seeds for your morning

I have tried this thick and creamy pumpkin oatmeal – a super healthy breakfast recipe that tastes like homemade pumpkin pie. This classic pumpkin pie took me just 5 minutes to make and I am sure it is packed with wholesome nutrition that keeps you full for hours. 


Yes, you can have pumpkin pie for your breakfast that is completely acceptable and it's not only super healthy but can make your work easy. Whether it is a pumpkin season or not, having a bowl of pumpkin with the soya yogurt oatmeal makes a healthy breakfast for your bright day.

It can be richer when you add maple syrup, chia seeds, and some protein powder along and it tastes awesome and keeps you full. 


Banana Dates Oatmeal with Vanilla Cookie Dough

Kind of having a different healthy breakfast today and I am deeply in love with this cookie dough that is so delicious with pieces of banana and mix of nut butter. Of course there is so much protein getting in a little bowl. What else do you expect for a day to start with?

This healthy banana oat flour recipe is one of the easiest and delicious breakfasts you will ever have on your table. The dates make a good pair with bananas and with a whole lot of protein, fiber, and iron content in a single bowl keeps you energetic all day to overcome your stress and tiredness.



Rich strawberry Banana Oatmeal Porridge for Breakfast


I always ensure to make my healthy breakfast recipe with the best ingredient that is available in grocery stores and feasible to jet off the whole foods every time you want to make breakfast. 

Here is one such with the combination of banana + strawberry +Zucchini + oats make it a whole bowl of protein, fibrous rich food for the day.

The easy oatmeal recipe with fresh strawberries, bananas will be your favorite breakfast. There is always something special about entertaining yourself in the morning and here is the great meal to laid back and start the day with. 

The recipe is flexible to make with some add-ins such as maple syrup, soya milk, and protein powder that makes it more delicious to have. Don't miss adding this to your list of breakfast ideas right away.


Apple Cinnamon Rice Porridge with Almond Milk

I wanted to move out of some oats and get into the rice flakes recipe today. Here I tried with a deliciously rich and creamy breakfast option when I faced a lot of change from oats porridge.

It took me five minutes to make this awesome tasty breakfast with a subtle and comforting almond flavor and indulgent texture.  A perfectly healthy gluten-free and vegan breakfast idea for your family.

The almond and cinnamon rice porridge will be a brand new creation for you and all you need to do is to whip it and top them with some add-ons in the morning and serve a healthy, refreshing and delicious breakfast.


Vietnamese Couscous Cucumber Tomato Salad for Breakfast

After long hours of traveling home, I was hungry and was in a lure of having fast food that is something delicious and easy. Here I tried with some couscous cucumber salad which made me refreshed for my breakfast time especially after a long summer road trip.

The breakfast is heavier on the grains and with some fresh finely chopped vegetables on. Thinly sliced cucumbers for crunch with tomatoes, parsley, pepper, and olive oil makes a perfect choice of breakfast recipe in no time.

Creamy and Thick Zucchini Banana Oats Porridge for Breakfast

Zucchini porridge? Yes, what you first feel is do vegetables and porridge do mix quite well? I was also extremely skeptical about this recipe before I tried it. 

But trust me, it seriously works and is a quick and easy filling and nutritious way to get an extra serve of vegetables before your day has barely begun.

When you don't have a huge amount of time in the morning, the quickest way to finish your preparation of breakfast is to grab a bowl of oats and soy yogurt with maple syrup. This small portion will keep you energetic throughout the day.


Rich Cashew Joghurt Oats Porridge to Begin Your Day

Wanted to try some recipe filled with creamy rich cashew this morning. I just grabbed some creamy and delicious combination of rolled oats and cashew that makes for an easy and satisfying breakfast.

Within no time you can make this actual recipe as it is a simple and easy healthy breakfast idea. Grab a cup with chia seeds, cashew joghurt, and oats which makes a rich protein porridge that makes richer with some almond milk for your breakfast before you start your day.


Rolled Oats with Gooseberries for Your Healthy breakfast

Here is a healthy breakfast crumble for you today who are not bored with having some oats all the time for breakfast. Cut a fruit and gooseberry sauce along with some rolled oats in a bowl and there you see a deliciously looking brekkie this morning for your breakfast.


Raspberry Blackberry Yoghurt Treat for your Breakfast

I always end up making some desert kind for my breakfast and here is one such. Happy Fridays start with some blue and raspberries with a lovely combination of yogurt and crunchy nuts for my breakfast.

The meal is an extremely rich combination for your breakfast with blue and raspberry with fruity goodness and adds some chia seeds to make it more delicious to start your day.


Blueberry Pumpkin Seed Oat Bowl for Your Breakfast

Wanted to improve your immune system, metabolic functions, and repair your body, then here are the zinc-rich pumpkin seeds along with some oats that can keep you out of mineral deficiency. Keep this healthy breakfast idea for your list so you can have this on alternative days to keep you healthy always.


Hot chocolate Oatmeal with insanely Juicy strawberries

It is a Sunday mood and I would like to have a quick breakfast. Here I have mixed some hot chocolate zucchini protein-rich oats porridge with the topping of freshly chopped juicy strawberries.

Don’t forget to try this and I am sure this is the lovely delicious breakfast recipe you can do in no time.


Salted Caramel Protein-Rich Porridge for your healthy breakfast

Here is the good news for the berry lovers. The combination of blue and raspberries with a camel makes a delicious breakfast. It is quick and easy to make with the rich texture forms and a mix of almond butter gives a super nectar taste for your tongue.

All you need to do is to grab the bowl and mix these to make a healthy rich breakfast while you are on the run to your workplace.


Blueberry Lemon Kiwi Oats Meal for Breakfast

Wishing to have a mixed and balanced diet with some fiber, vitamins, and mineral breakfast. Then here is the right recipe for you with the blueberry and lemon mixed in oats porridge and with lots of kiwi fruit on the top. The recipe makes magic in two min with the fruit filling and freshly baked meal for your breakfast. This is a healthy breakfast idea to have on your list every day.


Nutritious Rich Smoothie Bowl of Banana

Simple oats mixed breakfast is a perfect and healthy breakfast recipe you can have on your table for your loved ones. The smoothie bowl of banana with the nutritious filled vegan meal makes it a healthy rich breakfast that can fill your stomach.

Hazelnut Mocha Porridge with Banana

Have you ever tried mocha porridge with a banana combination for your healthy breakfast idea? This hazelnut oatmeal with banana will take a walk on the sweet side of life. You could even call it dessert oatmeal if you are generous enough to name a healthy breakfast.

This mocha hazelnut oatmeal with banana is a great dish and is by no means boring. It combines with the favorite chocolate, hazelnut spread, and oatmeal with banana. It is a decadent, crave-worth, and will stick to your ribs hearty and worthy of breakfast status.



Speedy Orange Carrot Oats Cake for Breakfast

I am in love with this super-rich color carrot mixed with nuts and yogurt protein as a healthy breakfast recipe. It is easy enough to make on a busy school morning with a grated carrot with some veggies mixed in yogurt and nuts topped can fill your stomach and also a healthy breakfast idea you can make for yourself in no time.


Blueberry Banana Oatmeal with Dark Chocolate for Breakfast

The perfect breakfast bowl with sumptuous blueberry, banana, and dark chocolate porridge to celebrate your day. Fab with a drizzle of maple syrup and a sprinkling of nuts and seeds will add a touch to the meal.

For all the blueberry and banana lovers, here is an excellent combination for your breakfast with peanut butter and a pinch of chia seeds and honey will make a dazzling impact on the recipe to make it a healthy breakfast.


Rich orange of carrot with oatmeal for your Breakfast

Make a whole new way to dig into your breakfast recipe today. Enjoy this tastiest, sweetest way of getting an entire serving of vegetables at the beginning of the day.


I have tried this awesomely tasty meal of carrot with oats. I am sure this will be the best breakfast for the carrot lovers who would like to have porridge for their breakfast. The flavor of grated carrot with cinnamon and sprinkles of chia, flake, and pumpkin seed makes it a perfect blend of meal on your breakfast table.

Note: All the above recipes are awesome and delicious because I tried them and if you are health conscious to know about the calorie count of the ingredients, you can take them based on the BMR or by click here.



Are you bored with a routine way of having an unhealthy breakfast? Hope you will enjoy our healthy breakfast ideas that you can change every day for the entire month. If any queries please feel free to comment here and post.  

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